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Restore your old, damaged photos to their former glory

Do you have old and cherished photos that are torn, stained or have unsightly marks? Or do you simply want to brighten a faded photo? we can restore and brighten your favourite photos so you can enjoy and display them with pride. let our photo advisors help and guide you on how to get this done. You will be amazed at what can be achieved using the latest digital technology.

Restoration experts

With nearly 30 years in the photo printing business , we have highly skilled technicians and the latest technology to restore photographs from the most priceless moments of your life.

Our in-store digital imaging specialists are experts in photo restoration and retouching, and can preserve your precious memories by boosting faded colours and removing dust and scratches if you require.

We can create restored photographs from negatives, slides, digital media and existing damaged prints using the latest digital technology to give your old damaged photos a new lease of life. We can even repair photos that have been completely torn in half; the photo restoration results we achieve are truly astonishing so bring your damaged photos in store today and let us surprise you with the results.


Bring your memories back to life with a touch of colour
Black and white photographs are classic but sometimes there's nothing better than having photos in vibrant colour and at Snappy Snaps, we can add colour in subtle and sympathetic ways so you would never know the photograph didn't have colour in the first place.

We use the most up to date technology and highly skilled technicians to change photos of priceless moments in black and white to full colour. It doesn't matter if your photo is torn or damaged, we can restore and colourise any photo, no matter how damaged it is.