Member of Fujifilm Digital Imaging Service


If a customers’ film, negative, digital media or prints are damaged or lost whilst in the care of Rapid Photo LTD. This material will be replaced with an equivalent value of original material supplied. A Replacement film will be processed free of charge. No agent or employee of ours has any authority to make other arrangements with you. Furthermore, Rapid Photo does NOT ACCEPT LIABILITY for the value of exceptional images or any costs incurred by customers in pursuit of their images. Customers are advised to affect their own insurance if they believe that the value of their images exceeds the material value of a replacement film and processing. No additional responsibility beyond that stated can be accepted.

COPYRIGHT POLICY: Rapid Photos’ policy is that we will not accept material for copying or printing which we know or suspect may infringe the owners’ copyright, unless the customer can clearly demonstrate that they are the copyright owner. Customers presenting suspect material should be advised of this policy and the order politely declined. This policy is designed to protect you from any claims for infringement of copyright in the event of unauthorized copying.

COLOUR MATCHING: Despite the use of most sophisticated equipment available, sensitivity of different colour emulsion in operating conditions make it impossible to guarantee exact colour matching of the originals. Unless colour guides are sent, colour matching will be deemed correct at our discretion, and work done will be charged at full price

CANCELLATION OF ORDERS: If an order is cancelled for whatever reason we will charge a proportion of the total invoice value for the work already started,